Sunday, August 22, 2010

Believe in Belief

If there is one thing I believe in its belief itself. If you believe you can achieve something you may well achieve it. If you don't believe you can achieve you most certainly won't. Belief is the one common ingredient in all forms of achievement. Furthermore if you believe in your ability to achieve and you set a goal, your mind and body tends to follow and you do what is necessary to get there in the end. You follow the trajectory that your goal has set for you. And it doesn't have to be all that painful because you put in the work as part of your greater purpose for achievement. You feel better because your life has sense of purpose.
People will say when a goal or a challenge is put before them " I could never achieve that, I could never put the work in, it's too much of a sacrifice, I don't have the ability, I am an ordinary person, I can't achieve extraordinary things"  The list goes on and on of the reasons people will give when they think they can't achieve.
The thing is most of the obstacles are psychological and when you believe that your goal is within your grasp these obstacles are diminished from insurmountable peaks to bumps in the road.
Ok some of you will say I just don't believe that I can reach those goals but the point is belief is a choice, its a thought and as taught in mindfulness thoughts are not facts. They come and go and we choose to identify with some of them. Why not identify and believe with some of the thoughts that come to mind such as "I'd love to be a successful entrepreneur" or a visualisation of you playing for your country in the Olympics. You may think that's absurd but is it anymore absurd then telling yourself your no good or that you are only meant to be in a dead end job for the rest of my life. My point is these are all thoughts and they equally valid, why not believe the ones that can get you somewhere in life.
 If we do a quick cost-benefit on believing in failure and inadequacy.and believing in achievement and greatness. The former provides a life of restriction, self doubt,  fear, poor confidence and wasted talent wheres the latter provides abundance, excitement, learning  and purpose. Ask yourself which would you rather have. It's in your hands to believe what you can achieve.